Get Figments latest single c.d. titled "The Hills Are Bleeding" (duplicated 3 times in a row for
your enjoyment. (This is a jewel case complete with artwork.))

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A couple of years ago, I won the Semi Finalist award from the Song of the Year Contest, an international competition, for "The Hills are Bleeding", (a song I wrote about the murder of Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen who was shot and killed after attending the premier of Burlesque at the "W" Hotel in Hollywood in November of 2010!

The Hills Are Bleeding (CLIP)

See you at the Grammy's!
Click here to hear a clip of "The Hills Are Bleeding" again.

"The Hills Are Bleeding" is dedicated to the late Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen and will appear on the 6 song EP titled "The Highest" along with two other songs called "Take Care" and "Toxic" by FIGMENT.

The top prize was $30,000.00 plus $50,000.00 in equipment. That was followed by 4 finalists who received other great prizes
and then there was one SEMI FINALIST, but still qualifying as 6st place out of hundreds of thousands
of entries. (not bad for our first try.)

Ronni was with Diane for the song Diane wrote for Cher, "You haven't seen the last of me," for the movie Burlesque." I think Christina Agulara was also in attendence.

"It was a terribly violent, and uneccessary attack on an innocent, hard working women who came to Los Angeles from back east to pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry as many thousands of artists/actors/designers, and entertainers do each and every year.

The case ran cold after two weeks with no clues, leads, or suspects whatsoever, until someone placed several call's to America's Most Wanted, who was credited with solely solving & closing the case which was ruled a robbery gone bad by the Bevrly Hills Police Department, John Walsh, and former AMW executive producer, Steve Katz..

*Some people do not agree with that, and that is their right as nothing seemed to sound, look or feel right about this crime, but I do believe in the BHPD final report.

There are unkown movie producers out there trying to capitalize on the pain, suffering and loss of others in order to profit both finiancially and personally from this specific case. *PLEASE BOYCOTT ANY "MOCUMENTARIES REGARDING THIS CASE!

*To make a movie with your own diobolical and sociopathic input while making an attempt at falsely acusing other indiviuals in order to sell a few thousand copies of your ficticious film, is lower than even Hollywood standards. (and that's pretty low!) [No offense to the "REAL" Hollywood indusrty!]

OCTOBER 2016: "The Hills Are Bleeding" has been re-recorded from the demo which was sent to The Song Of The Year Contest and has been mixed by 8 time platinum and a gold recording producer/engineer Dave Dominguez at Buffalo studios, Pasadena, California, in June 2016. Paul Ferraro (Pittsburgh Paul") produced both songs. Dennis Childers played drums! (also a Pittsburgh native.) *As soon as we get the okay to give you a clip of "The Hills are Bleeding" we will be post it online for you to listen to.

FIGMENTS, "The Highest" is a blend of "alternative" PUNK, and "cult rock" and is partially influenced by David Bowie, Peter Murphy, The Smiths the Cure The Misfits, Rancid, and many other bands.

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