Laramie: Singer, songwriter, guitarist

I sing, write, and play guitar, record with MAC OS and Pro Tools. I have very good equipment and a nice set of reliable wheels. I am very serious, dedicated, and career minded. (At this point in my life I don't really have a choice.) It's all or nothing!

I've been playing in bands since the dead sea was only sick... and I'm working on several new songs at the moment.

I am British, Irish, German, Scandavavian, a bit Italian, and a combo plate of other ethnicities. I am 5'9", 145 and I am a veteran musician (If that last bit bothers you, please move on,) but it's difficult to find anyone as serious as I am. I am also easy to get along with, and I am not racist, homophobic, xenophobic or do I discriminate on any basis, and I won't tell you how to play,or what to play. Whether you play drums or bass, your creative input belongs to you.

Oi!, I'm looking for a PUNK-ROCK bassist & drummer UNDER 35 who can commit to a full time band, has some interest in human rights, animal right's,
politics, environment, plus other current issues locally and globally, and who can pay thier fair share with at least reheasal or a lock out! Please get back to me with your info, equipment list,
any websites, or mp3's showing your playing, location, availability and if you have wheels! I'm not against an occassional song that can pay the bills or several covers either.

*The reason I am looking for under 35 is because most people my age or older are married, have a good job, 2.3 children, a house, complete with a white picket fence, and are "hobbyist's". (not that there's anything wrong with that!) That actually sounds comforting but by no means is this a hobby to me...AND BY NO MEANS AM I KNOCKING YOU IN ANY WAY!

(In other word's...if you have no life like myself and really want to play music as a career, or you're serious & dedicated and just want to drink beer and have fun, while attempting to get some national/international attention,or perhaps even a single deal, let's see what happens... HMU! (background laughter!) Just two rules: Rehearsal is for band mambers only, and no cigarette smokers! *I'm very allergic to cigarettes/cigars, the smoke, the smell, the UN-COOLNESS!!! (but 420 "outside", not in a rehearsal space is fine wit' me!)

[PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR PAID WORK] *If the band gets paid, you'll get paid!

EMAIL your bio, equipment list, facebook/websites, photo, etc, song samples or mp3's.

My Equipment List:
*All tube, 100 watt EVH 5150, (yeah, yeah, but wait until you hear it through my 1971 Marshall cab.)
*1971 4 X 12 Marshall cab with Celestion 30 Greenbacks, just re done in torquoise vinyl/tolex, new handles and wheels
*MAC OS X 2.5 MH 2 TB HD
*Pro Tools
*1981 Rickenbaucker guitar
*Kick ass wheels: (2011 Synergy Green Camaro) It can seat 2 people comfortably but has a very small trunk, so it can also carry a bass, guitar, and other small devices, but no amps/drums. My cab takes up the entire back seat, so someone else will need wheels as I can only put one person in the passenger seat.