SONG DEMOS ARE AT THE LINK BELOW. (We can build our own sound with your original parts.)

I'm looking for a laid back, dedicated bassist & drummer who can committ to a full time band, and who wants to join a fun but serious band. INFL: Rancid/Romones/Buzzcocks/Casualties/D.K.'s/Sex Pistols, etc.

Please listen to the MP3 demos at the link below and check out the website for more info, and please respond with a bio, a link to your playing, or something about you!

I'd like to rehearse at least 2 or three times per week & record the songs on the site plus 4 more with new players. You have full control over your drum and bass parts.

ThanX a lot, Laramie
Laramie: Singer, songwriter, guitarist

[PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR PAID WORK] *If the band gets paid, you'll get paid!

EMAIL your bio, equipment list, facebook/websites, photo, etc, song samples or mp3's.

My Equipment List:
*All tube, 100 watt EVH 5150, (yeah, yeah, but wait until you hear it through my 1971 Marshall cab.)
*1971 4 X 12 Marshall cab with Celestion 30 Greenbacks, just re done in torquoise vinyl/tolex, new handles and wheels
*MAC OS X 2.5 MH 2 TB HD
*Pro Tools
*1981 Rickenbaucker guitar
*Kick ass wheels